ERM has developed a new online platform to make it easier for our business units to track the implementation of performance plans for each of our material sustainability topics. Designed in consultation with our Sustainability Network members, the platform provides a standardized format for business unit plans. With greater comparability between business units, we can more effectively assess performance against targets through mid-year and annual progress reports. 

Each business unit’s plan will address common actions associated with ERM’s material topics, customized to reflect their local context. The common actions will make it easier to track and measure progress companywide, and help inform the targets we set for year-on-year improvements.

The platform is open to all employees, which will improve transparency and accountability for the level of ambition and delivery against the plans. We are using our internal social media platforms and personal engagement to share best practices and encourage positive competition among the business units and offices.

With greater visibility and usability, this new tool promises to help drive performance at the local level and support ERM’s companywide sustainability targets.