As part of our efforts to meet our emissions targets, ERM is promoting green office moves. When relocating offices, we consider buildings that have a smaller environmental footprint through energy efficient features and optimized use of floor space. Recent office moves include the following:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ERM’s office moved to an area with improved public transport links to help reduce the commuting footprint of our employees. The local sustainability team has been actively promoting sustainable employee commuting. The Kuala Lumpur office was able to optimize their floor space usage by switching to an open plan with both collaborative and relaxation break-out spaces. To encourage well-being, the space includes glass white boards on the walls for staff to create their own news and inspire others. The office also makes use of natural daylight to save energy.

Madrid, Spain

The office relocated to a building that remains conveniently located to public transportation, which supports sustainable commuting. The new office uses 25% less energy, by switching to LED lighting. The space makes good use of natural light by placing workstations in the most naturally illuminated areas. The office has a flex-desk system, with a concentration and interactive zone. Furniture is made of natural material and is furnished with systems that facilitate reuse at the end of their useful life or recycling.

Washington DC, US

We relocated to a new space in the same building in February 2019, remaining close to several public transit options. The finishes and furniture used in the office exhibited many sustainability qualities:

  • Carpet tiles contained high levels of recycled content and “green” labeled for indoor air quality.
  • 100% bamboo flooring from certified well-managed forests.
  • No volatile organic compound (VOC) paint.
  • Energy star appliances.
  • Low-emission cabinet laminate and countertops.