E4Tech/Element Energy publication archive

Activating states and regions for a green recovery of heavy industry (Aug 2021)
Are customers ready for electric vehicles? (January 2023)
Assessment of Options to Reduce Emissions from Fossil Fuel Production and Fugitive Emissions (May 2019)
Assessment of the potential for new feedstocks for the production of advanced biofuels (October 2021)
Baterías sobre ruedas: riesgos y oportunidades en torno a los coches eléctricos (in Spanish language) (June 2019)
BEUC - Electric car ownership: an affordable option for all consumers (April 2021)
Bioenergy for Sustainable Energy Access in Africa - Technology Country Case Study Report (August 2017)
Cadent Hydrogen Transport Report
CCC Infrastructure CCS report (July 2013)
CCS on gas and industry 2010 (June 2010)
CO2-EOR in the UK: Analysis of fiscal incentives (January 2014)
CO2 utilisation option for regaional development (April 2021)
CCUS Economics Impacts Study - Delivering a roadmap for growth and emissions reductions for Scotland (November 2021)
CCS deployment at dispersed industrial sites (August 2020)
Chemical and Material Biorefinery Pathways and Outlook for Deployment
Clean maritime plan (July 2019)
Cycle Logistics Study (May 2019)
Decarbonising the UK’s Gas Network - Realising the green power-to-hydrogen opportunity in the East Neuk (August 2020)
Deep Decarbonisation Pathways for Scottish Industries - A study for the Scottish Government - December 2020
Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (December 2020)
Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (February 2020)
Dublin Local Authority Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy (June 2022)
Dublin Local Authority Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy full report (June 2022)
E4tech explores how Energy Community Contracting Parties could meet Renewable Energy Directive Targets (December 2022)
EE ECITB Towards net zero: The implications of the transition to net zero emissions for the Engineering Construction Industry (2020)
EE One - Developing a CCS network in the Tees Valley Region (December 2010)
Electric Cars: Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership for Consumers (April 2021)
Electric Mobility: Inevitable, or Not? (January 2022)
Element Energy - Batteries on wheels: the role of battery electric cars in the EU power system and beyond (June 2019)
Element Energy - Demonstrating CO2 capture in the UK cement, chemicals, iron and steel and oil refining sectors by 2025: A Techno-economic Study (April 2014)
Element Energy - Batteries on wheels: the role of battery electric cars in the EU power system and beyond (June 2019)
Element Energy - Zero Carbon Humber: The impacts of debarbonising Yorkshire and the Humber (November 2019)
Element Energy - Impact of brine production on aquifer storage economics (May 2017)
Element Energy - CCS sector development scenarios in the UK (April 2015)
Element Energy - Deep decarbonisation pathways for the UK industry (November 2020)
Element Energy - Hy-Impact Series Study 1: Hydrogen for economic growth (November 2019)
Element Energy - Hy-Impact Series Study 2: Net-zero hydrogen Hydrogen production with CCS and bioenergy (November 2019)
Element Energy - Hy-Impact Series Study 3: Hydrogen for Power Generation (Novmeber 2019)
Element Energy - Hy-Impact Series Study 4: Hydrogen in Yorkshire & the Humber (November 2019)
Element Energy - Hy-Impact Series Hydrogen in the UK, from technical to economic (November 2019)
Element Energy - Scotland and the Central North Sea CCS Hub Study (March 2014)
Element Energy - Global best practices in assessment and readiness for CCS retrofit (October 2016)
Element Energy - Policy Mechanisms to support the largescale deployment of
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) (May 2018)
Emissions impact of home working in Scotland (June 2021)
E-tourism: charging demand by electric vehicles in Scottish tourist hotspots (July 2020)
Electric Vehicle Charging Behaviour Study (March 2019)
Extension to Fuel Switching Engagement Study (FSES) Deep decarbonisation of UK industries (April 2019)
Greenhouse gas removal methods and their potential UK deployment (October 2021)
Greater London Authority 2030 Net Zero (January 2020)
Humber Cluster update to the 2020 Baseline Local Emissions Assessment (August 2021)
Humber LEP HIDR Local Emissions Assessment (June 2020)
Industrial carbon capture business models (October 2018)
Industrial decarbonisation pipeline report (December 2020)
Investable commercial frameworks for Power BECCS (June 2021)
ITP - Fostering disruptive innovation (October 2020)
ITP - Sustainable hydrogen (October 2020)
London’s Climate Action Plan: WP3 Zero Carbon Energy Systems (September 2018)
Low-carbon cars in Europe: A socio-economic assessment (February 2018)
Low Carbon Fossil Fuels Sustainability Risks and Accounting Methodology (January 2018)
Low Carbon Heat Study - executive summary (May 2023)
Low Carbon Heat Study - phase 1 (May 2023)
Low Carbon Heat Study - phase 2 (May 2023)
Low carbon hydrogen well-to-tank pathways study - (August 2021)
Phase one report - Use cases that don't require public chaging (November 2022)
Phase two report - Use cases that do need public charging (April 2023)
Policy mechanisms for first of a kind direct air carbon capture and storage (DACCS) and other engineered greenhouse gas removals (June 2022)
Policy Mechanisms for Supporting Deployment of Engineered Greenhouse Gas Removal Technologies (July 2021)
Practical Potential for Gas Power with CCS in Europe in 2030 (March 2012)
Shipping CO2 – UK Cost Estimation Study (November 2018)
Subsurface Technology for Electric Pathways (STEP) Project (September 2022)
Technical Feasibility of Low Carbon Heating in Domestic Buildings (December 2022)
The transition to low-carbon flying (2020)
The future of the bus vehicle market in Scotland (December 2023)
Towards fossil-free energy in 2050 (March 2019)
UKPN - Recharge the future charger use study (September 2018)
Understanding the value of hydrogen and fuel cells (September 2019)
V2GB – Vehicle to Grid Britain - Requirements for market scale-up (June 2019)
V2GB - Vehicle to grid Britain
Why electrification of Great Britain’s truck fleet can happen faster than many
expect (2023)
Zero emission buses in Europe: status and outlook (June 2023)