Case Study: Amprion

Providing environmental documentation for spatial planning and final approval procedure for a 160km long 380kV transmission line


Amprion GmbH operates a transmission system with voltage levels of 380.000 and 220.000 volts. The key task of its some 850 employees is to transmit electricity safely and reliably any all times and at competitive prices.

Covering around 11.000 kilometers and some 160 substations between Lower Saxony in North Western Germany and the Swiss and Austrian borders, Amprion’s extra-high voltage transmission system is the largest in Germany. The system connects power plants with load centers and at the same time is an important pillar of the German and European transmission grid. Through its central position in Europe, Amprion’s transmission system is an important hub for electricity trading between Northern and Southern as well as Eastern and Western Europe. Amprion is also responsible for one of the largest grid areas in Europe and assumes an important task in the European interconnected system.

Our Approach

ERM’s Germany team has worked for Amprion since 2000 and successfully established a close relationship with the company. The main services provided up to now relate to helping Amprion in the permitting processes for various high voltage overhead transmission lines (380 kV). This includes providing a number of IAP consultancy services, including:

  • EIA,
  • EIA-Screenings,
  • appropriate Assessments,
  • studies on protected species according to German Nature Protection Act,
  • studies related to spatial planning procedures,
  • project management for permitting procedures, and
  • planning of mitigation measures,

In 2010 ERM provided all the necessary environmental documents for both the spatial planning procedure (EIA for various alternatives) and the final approval procedure of a 380kV transmission line between Lower Saxony and North Rhine Westphalia which runs over a distance of 160 km.

In addition ERM is compiling a fundamental research study regarding effects of high-voltage underground cables versus the impacts of overhead transmission lines in cooperation with the universities of Duisburg and Freiburg.

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