Case Study: Procter and Gamble


Implement a turn-key project for Procter & Gamble to remediate a site under challenging circumstances ahead of sale in France.

Our Approach  

Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) Pharmaceutical Division had one French synthesis and manufacturing site in Longjumeau, 18km south of Paris. In 2004, P&G decided to close and sell this facility in 2007/08.

In early 2006, ERM won a competitive bid process to conduct initial historical studies and soil and groundwater investigations. The key selection criteria were strategic vision, knowledge of French regulatory context, technical vision, technical competency and cost.

Initial findings led to additional investigations in 2006 and 2007. ERM then implemented a turn-key contract to remove asbestos, decommission and demolish plant and dispose of 9,000t of volatile organic compounds (VOC)-impacted soil.

The contract made ERM’s remediation and construction team responsible for soil remediation design, management and implementation under challenging conditions.

The excavation had poor access, an awkward configuration and the proximity of homes required advanced odor and vapor control. An aggressive schedule was required to complete the works and gain regulatory sign-off before the site’s impending sale. Despite these factors, the remediation was completed safely, under budget and regulatory sign-off was achieved ahead of time.

Benefits and Value

The successful remediation allowed the smooth closure of the site and minimized P&G’s long-term liability for it. The regulatory sign-off enabled the sale to proceed and gave P&G and the buyer peace of mind.