The most material H&S issue for ERM is the risk of serious injury or fatality to anyone involved in our work.

Because of this risk, ERM's operational managers have been given the ultimate responsibility for the health and safety of our people and anyone impacted by our operations. However, we also believe firmly that we must empower our entire organization to participate in the design and implementation of our H&S program. Therefore, we have also given responsibility to every employee to 'see, own and share' H&S-related events as set out in our Observation and Feedback Program.

Every employee has the authority, without fear of reprimand or retaliation, to stop immediately any work activity that they perceive presents a danger to the project team or the public; to intervene to correct unsafe acts or conditions; and to involve supervisors to help correct those acts or conditions.

We are committed to providing the resources necessary to our operational leaders so they can identify and manage effectively H&S risks in line with our global policies and procedures. Our global H&S Program incorporates performance standards covering a range of issues, such as risk determination and management, training, interactions with business associates (including contractors), self-assessment and continuous improvement.

We have a global H&S Policy that is endorsed by our CEO and Executive Committee. This policy applies to all ERM Business Units (BU) and is communicated to all employees through our new employee induction programs and routine communications. ERM's Board has mandated that our H&S Policy includes a commitment to the prevention of injuries and illnesses, continual improvement in H&S management and performance and a framework for setting and reviewing goals and objectives.

ERM BUs also have H&S performance goals integrated into their operational plans. ERM Partners have personal safety goals included in their performance metrics with progress against these goals assessed as part of the Partner performance review process.

A global H&S Team supports our business leaders and comprises the Global H&S Director and regional, divisional or BU leaders as well as H&S managers for ERM's largest client teams in our Global Key Client Program.

During FY14, we completed development activities associated with our Safety Management System (SMS), including testing the system in four global locations. During FY15, we will be focusing on local implementation of the system, with location-specific gap assessments being carried out to ensure global requirements can be met. We expect that the SMS will be fully implemented at the start of FY16.


Consistent Risk Mitigation with ERM's Global Safety Management System

Global Safety Management System

For a global company like ERM, it is essential to have a consistent approach for managing the complex safety risks we face in diverse geographies, cultures and regulatory jurisdictions. Therefore, in FY13, our Executive Committee endorsed the development of a global Safety Management System (SMS).

During FY14, employees from around the world, from all levels of the organization, participated in the development of the SMS. The resultant global processes and procedures are supported by regional and local best practices. All procedures are stored in a global Document Control System to ensure our employees have access to accurate, current and approved versions.

By design, our SMS is an ongoing progression that ensures global consistency of approach, formalizes all processes for identifying hazards and mitigating risk and allows us the flexibility to pursue safely and effectively the increasingly challenging projects on behalf of our clients.

Throughout FY15, we are focusing on implementation: ensuring every employee understands the SMS and continuing to drive and strengthen our safety culture.


ERM in the Americas Celebrates First-Annual Safety Day

First-Annual Safety Day

In November 2013, ERM offices throughout the Americas celebrated their first-annual Safety Day. During the Safety Day, the Americas management team emphasized the importance of safety not only in the office and field, but also in the daily lives of each and every employee. Personal stories were shared about the everyday importance of thinking and behaving safely and offices had lively, thoughtful discussions. Following the event, employees signed a mission statement committing to live and work safely in the year ahead. The Americas team also created a multimedia campaign including photos and a video commemorating the event.

The inaugural event was very successful and the Americas region plans to hold a second Safety Day in November 2014. The outline and framework used by the Americas team to design the celebration has been shared with other ERM regions. This sharing will be used to enhance similar efforts by other regions to raise H&S awareness and celebrate success.

People Profile

Valery Kucherov

Valery Kucherov, Moscow, Russia

Cultivating Sustainable Business in Eurasia

As the Performance & Assurance Practice Lead and Sustainability Program Director in the Eurasia BU, my position provides me with the opportunity to participate in addressing the region's unique sustainability challenges, together with the BU Managing Partner Sergey Bourtsev. The GHG footprint in the area is greater than in other geographies due to very long in-country travel distances, which necessitates extensive use of planes. It is also difficult to recruit skilled labor due to limited availability of suitable candidates.

ERM provides services that have a direct and positive impact on our clients' ability to manage their sustainability footprint, by supporting development and implementation of HSE management systems, deployment of performance improvement programs, senior leadership trainings, etc. We also support the development of sustainability reports, advancement of projects in the renewables/alternative energy sector (such as windfarm development) and improvement of safety performance through innovative services such as safety leadership coaching and training programs.