ERM Assess

Accelerate CSRD readiness and simplify compliance preparations by using ERM’s digital platform and support from experts.

Achieve greater visibility of CSRD data and progress with ERM Assess 

The EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) brings greater transparency but also greater complexity to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosures.

ERM Assess helps companies understand and meet CSRD requirements – from conducting double materiality assessments to providing support with gap assessments. It consolidates ESG data across a company’s global operations and value chain, which enables real-time readiness mapping and simplifies ongoing compliance and value creation.

ERM Assess uses advanced analytics and 1,200 data points to automatically identify gaps in CSRD reporting and recommend resolutions. It also simplifies compliance with the EU Taxonomy regulations.

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See CSRD through a new lens

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Unlock richer ESG insights ERM Assess and consultancy expertise from ERM. Learn how consolidated records and automated workflows help accelerate readiness and simplify compliance preparations. 

Streamline data collection and gap identification with an easy-to-use platform centralized around CSRD.

Product features

Consolidated data

Aggregate ESG information from static spreadsheets and fragmented systems into a single secure platform using pre-built connectors. Supporting documentation for KPIs can also be uploaded.

Advanced gap analysis

Compare current ESG data sets against the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

Centralized visibility

Manage progress with real-time mapping of CSRD data capture across multiple entities and geographies. Optimize efficiency and collaboration by centrally assigning and tracking tasks.

Trusted CSRD support

Enhance every stage of your compliance journey with advice from ERM consultants on transformation strategies and technical delivery capabilities.

ERM's full CSRD capabilities

Building programs to achieve compliance and beyond with sustainability regulations

Why partner with ERM

  • Save time: ERM Assess digitalizes the CSRD compliance preparation journey with automated tools, reducing complexity and freeing up resources.
  • Enhance security: ERM Assess can only be accessed and updated by authorized users, which helps ensure data integrity and traceability for audit purposes.
  • Minimize risk: the technology that powers ERM Assess has already been used successfully by clients for the first phase of CSRD. ERM has helped hundreds of organizations achieve compliance preparedness with other ESG regulations.

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