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Know your EHS legal requirements. Anywhere. Anytime.

Digitized legal compliance. Customized EHS management.

No matter what industry or how many jurisdictions you operate in, you will always know your applicable law and understand what to do next to action your compliance with Libryo. The platform filters and tracks exactly what your global teams need to know for legal compliance, enabling them to focus on completing other tasks and making improvements.

Now you know

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Thousands of ever-changing EHS regulations. Do you know yours?

With increasing amounts of environmental legislation and sustainability disclosures, Libryo makes it a quick and easy task for Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), compliance and sustainability professionals to stay on top of their compliance management.

Knowing the law should be easy, but it’s not

A sustainable future starts with knowing the regulations that promote sustainability. Libryo makes it quick, reliable and cost-effective to know your EHS legal obligations for every operation to minimize environmental impact and prevent risks to people.

We’re on a mission to reorganize the world’s EHS law

Regulation is notoriously difficult to find and stay up-to-date with. It comes in all shapes, is written in overcomplicated sentences and may or may not apply to your operations. Libryo identifies exactly what regulation applies to your business, jurisdiction and operations.

EHS legal content for anywhere in the world

Sourcing and standardizing the world’s EHS laws is a lengthy task. We already have the legal content available in many jurisdictions at a national, provincial and local level. For anything we have not sourced yet, it can be done and it will be done.

End-to-End Compliance Modules

Every customer receives Libryo Core as standard. This includes the Applicability, Requirements, Updates, Drives and Tasks modules. Everything you need to identify, understand and collaborate on your legal obligations. Customers also have the option to add-on the Actions module to achieve better compliance management, as well as other regulatory support and technical expertise.

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Customer benefits

Custom legal registers

Libryo identifies the legal requirements for each of your business operations at a local, municipal and national level. Your legal data is compiled into a custom, automatically updated legal register ensuring you always have the latest information at your fingertips.

Targeted productivity

Forget the legal legwork in searching for the latest changes in legislation or deciphering what the legalese means. Libryo’s legal requirements and automated legal update notifications tell you everything you need to be aware of.

Continual savings

Costly manual legal research and annual audits can be replaced by Libryo’s compliance management platform. Complete compliance tasks all year round and prevent future business risks, fines and reputational damage due to non-compliance.

Always reliable

With accurate and up-to-date compliance visibility across the entire organization, you can minimize your risk, achieve EHS commitments and maintain high standards. Libryo helps you build a trustworthy brand that can act responsibly and operate sustainably.


Please see the document for some frequently asked questions about Libryo.

Case studies

Libryo works across a range of sectors worldwide to support organizations facing sustainability and compliance challenges. See how we’ve helped some customers achieve better legal compliance management:

Reimagining how to know the law

A sustainable future starts with knowing the regulations that promote sustainability. This is how Libryo began and what it’s about today. We want to standardize the world’s regulation and make it accessible, minimizing risk and helping businesses operate more efficiently and responsibly.

Since 2016, Libryo has helped thousands of users achieve and sustain compliance in a faster, easier and cost-effective way.         

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Browse our free downloadable resources created for EHS, compliance and sustainability professionals, as well as business leaders striving to make a difference.

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Certain ISO standards require implementation of a system to identify and update applicable legal requirements. With Libryo's regulatory compliance platform, this box is checked.