A leading renewable energy solutions provider needed to track its regulatory obligations and manage its compliance across multiple jurisdictions, to help maintain its ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications and complete future audits.

The challenge

A leading renewable energy solutions provider has an established global portfolio to oversee solar, wind and hydro power plants. The organization previously managed its legislation in Excel databases, and struggled to track the various laws applicable to each of its operations. They began searching for a unified solution to streamline this process.

To maintain its ISO 45001 & ISO 14001 accreditation, they also needed to implement a scalable solution that enabled accurate, up-to-date tracking of its applicable regulations across 5 countries. Senior management also needed clear sight of their overall compliance status and risk level across their operations.

Audits also posed a large challenge to the business in terms of management, resource and risk. Being physically present during the Coronavirus pandemic to complete the audits was a particular pain point. The organization required support to conduct audits for 20 sites safely and responsibly.

The solution 

The Libryo regulatory tracking and compliance tool was across their operations in Egypt, Brazil, Ukraine, Malaysia and South Africa. The unified solution has enabled the renewables provider to maintain its ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certification, and streamlines the whole process from knowing their law, taking any required action and showing their compliance status. Users can drill down into specific legislation relevant to individual sites, saving employees copious amounts of time which would have normally been spent researching for legal updates.

This organization was also the first Libryo customer to start using the self-assessment module (Libryo Actions), whereby users can review specific assessment items against a category of law and update their compliance status; adding evidence and notes along the way. This has made it easier to see their current compliance status as well as risk levels in relation to certain obligations. Now, action can be taken quicker to ensure compliance across all areas of the business.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the organization required support with their auditing process. Libryo Professional Services had recently launched its remote audit service, which enabled safe, remote processes to complete the audits for their operations in Egypt, Brazil, Ukraine, Malaysia and South Africa. Each audit took the team (which included a local auditor) around 3 days to complete and were planned and executed entirely remotely. A remote site inspection was possible at the Ukraine solar power plants using their drone cameras and photographs were requested to provide visuals, where needed, at the other sites. The process included online interviews, share screen and an online document platform to upload and demonstrate the audit evidence.

The Libryo Tasks module was used in some instances to track actions and tasks during the audit process.

Once the Audit Report had been finalized for each site, the audit results were uploaded to the Libryo Actions module by the Professional Services team, as a baseline for them to start managing their compliance status.

The benefits

Libryo’s platform has enabled each of the organization’s operational sites to know and understand their applicable legal requirements, stay informed of legal updates and show their compliance status all within a centralized solution.

This has saved their global teams masses of time and given clarity to more complex operations about what their legal obligations are on a local, national and global scale.

Quotation mark We have multiple sites and we were trying to log all of this through Excel, with no allocated resources to manage it. Using Libryo, we now have a single, intuitive solution that is user-friendly and highlights any legal updates required. Quotation mark

HSSE & Quality Advisor

Renewable energy provider

The remote audits protected their employees from the pandemic and enabled the business to maintain its ISO certification levels. Libryo Professional Services continue to complete audits for their operations both on-site and remotely.

An O&M HSSEQ Coordinator at the renewable energy provider said: “Now with Libryo, we can demonstrate our compliance as well as drill down to check the legal requirements for each location in seconds, rather than days and hours.

“Libryo Professional Services have provided us with a much more efficient way to identify our compliance gaps and know how to cover them. There are huge benefits of having an audit conducted and then the results updated within the Libryo platform, which is all handled by the same team.”