Infrastructure and industrial activities at sea not only pose risks to marine systems, but they also involve additional worker safety and operational risks particular to the ocean environment.

For activities involved with offshore oil, gas and renewable energy, to the installation of submarine telecom cables, ERM helps clients understand and manage their marine environmental, safety and social risks to enable them to make effective decisions to safeguard the environment, its staff and people in the community.

Risks must take into account not only the direct interaction with the marine environment but also the biologically diverse ecosystems that depend on it.

ERM risk specialists assess the inherent safety of a project, and modelling specialists predict the consequences of planned activities and unforeseen events. The marine systems team works with clients to understand the significance of any impacts and deliver the best practicable outcome throughout the project lifecycle. Our expertise includes:

  • Safety and ecological risk assessment
  • Marine permitting and regulatory support
  • Marine habitat mapping and characterization
  • Marine baseline studies
  • Marine sediment management
  • Marine ecology/fisheries/ecosystem studies
  • Hydrodynamic and coastal process modelling
  • Offshore process safety and major hazards management
  • Oil spill/thermal plume/chemical discharge modelling
  • Underwater sound modelling
  • Full range of studies: As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP), Best Available Techniques (BAT), Best Practicable Option Studies (BPEO).
  • Planning and operational improvement processes such as Environmental Social Health Impact Assessment, environmental issues identification, management and monitoring plans and hazard identification.