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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a cornerstone of many companies’ growth strategies, providing the opportunity to develop capacity, boost revenue and enter new markets. 

Environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHSS) factors have the potential to positively impact the value of a transaction - but are often overlooked or given cursory treatment in the traditional due diligence process. EHSS issues can also delay or even impede transactions, drive up costs, disrupt business operations, and leave organizations exposed to consequences years later.

ERM’s M&A Solutions provide clients with insights into how EHSS can impact the value of a transaction, both positively and negatively. By ensuring greater EHSS transparency and due diligence from pre-deal all the way through the integration process, we help organizations maximize the long-term benefits of a transaction.

We take a broad, interdisciplinary and value-based approach that helps businesses identify, prioritize, and realize EHSS performance and efficiency opportunities as well as mitigate risks. This helps organizations:

  • Accelerate transaction and integration timelines;
  • Simplify integration;
  • Mitigate against future risks and liabilities; and
  • Drive operational performance through deal closure.

By working with ERM, organizations can increase the overall value they gain when making acquisitions, merging and integrating operations, and divesting assets. In addition to increasing competitive edge, this accelerates return on investment and the attainment of strategic goals.

ERM offers a range of services to support, facilitate, and strengthen M&A transactions, including:

Due Diligence
Information Solutions
Post-Merger Integration (PMI)
Product Stewardship
Asset Retirement

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ERM offers a range of services to support, facilitate, and strengthen M&A transactions, including:

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