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Big data, cloud computing, social media, digitalization - these are just some of the technology trends that are transforming how organizations operate and engage with stakeholders.

Capturing, storing, analyzing and managing data is a critical yet challenging business imperative. Adopting effective data management strategies and solutions, and embracing new technologies can help give an organization a competitive edge.

Environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHSS) issues are no exception and can be particularly important because of their subtle but significant impact on operational performance and reputation.

ERM helps clients transform EHSS data management from an administrative burden into a business advantage. We deploy innovative technology, automated processes and integrated systems to meet existing needs and anticipate future requirements, both organizational and regulatory.

By improving information capture, storage, analysis and management, we help clients:

  • Assess strategic options;
  • Increase efficiency;
  • Reduce costs;
  • Simplify compliance, reporting and permitting;
  • Enhance safety and sustainability performance;
  • Increase employee engagement; and
  • Drive continuous improvement.

ERM is one of the very few organizations that has deep insights into both EHSS issues and technology. Partnering with ERM reduces complexity and enables organizations to leverage valuable data to achieve operational excellence as well as shape and attain their strategic objectives.

We have developed a suite of data management and technology services, including:

Information Solutions
Product Stewardship
Learning & Development
Management Systems & Compliance Support
Corporate & Sustainability Reporting

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We have developed a range of data management and technology services, including:

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