Case Study: Tesoro Petroleum


Implementing a company-wide rollout of an enterprise management system across Tesoro Petroleum’s operations in the US.

Our Approach

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Tesoro is a Fortune 500 petroleum refining and marketing company with seven refineries and more than 900 retail stations across the Western US with about 5,500 employees.

In 2004, ERM helped Tesoro develop compliance assurance software content for an enterprise management system at Tesoro’s Golden Eagle refinery in Martinez, Calif. The goal for implementation of the software is to  help ensure that regulatory actions are executed in accord with the local air agency’s Title V operating permit.

In November 2007, ERM visited Tesoro's Kenai Alaska refinery where strategy meetings clarified goals and expectations for implementation of ERM software.  ERM also interviewed Tesoro employees one-on-one to gain an understanding of their compliance responsibilities in areas such as plant emission limits, flaring and wastewater system controls.

After researching Tesoro’s current compliance program, ERM tailored compliance assurance content and associated software to the facility’s needs.

In 2008, ERM began implementing an additional software project at Tesoro’s Los Angeles refinery, with completion in early 2009. 

Benefits and Value

In addition to assisting with compliance, this project provides Tesoro with a periodic risk-based off-record audit that matches their current practices against regulatory requirements and identifies areas for focus.

The enterprise management system adds efficiency to the environmental support Tesoro can provide and creates a transparent means of documenting compliance for the company’s Responsible Official and overseeing agencies.

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