The world’s economies, whether emerging or developed, depend on the availability of reliable low cost power. The Power Sector is navigating a series of market changing forces such as the competition between low cost gas and renewable sources of energy.

There are two main challenges facing the Power industry. The first is electrifying the population of the world’s emerging economies while modernizing the transmission and distribution system in the world’s developed economies. The second is ensuring the reliable delivery of energy in a world wanting to move to renewable and storable forms of energy while leveraging distributed generation technology and resources.

These are further compounded by the ambition to de-carbonize power generation whilst remaining cost effective and mitigating the impact on climate change.

We help our clients address these demands in a number of ways, which include:

  • Support with entering new markets by assisting our clients spread their portfolio risk

  • Supporting the capital projects portfolio wherever appropriate

  • Addressing HSE performance improvement issues such as the implementation of global audit programs, including the development of leading edge behavioral based safety programs

  • Creating and implementing strategies and tactics to sustainably retire assets and to support the refurbishment of brownfield sites for renewed economic development

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