According to IRENA, for the world to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, offshore wind capacity will need to rise to 494 GW by 2030 and 2,465 GW by 2050. This is equivalent to building an additional 90 Dogger Banks (currently the largest consented offshore wind project at 4.8 GW and 377 turbines) by 2030, and 501 Dogger Banks by 2050.

ERM’s COP28 Global Offshore Wind Update Report, to be launched the morning of the breakfast session, shows that many countries have set ambitious offshore wind targets for 2030 which are likely to remain out of reach. According to ERM’s data, global operational offshore wind capacity is expected to reach 250 GW by 2030, falling very short of the near 500 GW needed according to IRENA. Countries across the globe need to accelerate development and deployment if they are to achieve their ambitions and contribute to reaching net zero. Could mega-projects be the solution to upscaling offshore wind fast enough to make a difference?

Join senior leaders as we discuss how the offshore wind industry can work together to provide solutions to the challenge ahead of us in scaling up renewables and accelerating the deployment of mega-projects critical to securing net zero. 


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