Join ERM and ISSB for lunch and a roundtable discussion during COP28 on how to prepare for the next phase of sustainability-related disclosures.

As the sustainability-disclosure landscape evolves to meet investor and other stakeholder information demands, jurisdictions around the world are increasingly introducing mandatory disclosure requirements, As such , companies are busy building the systems, processes and capabilities necessary to respond.

Companies are navigating a number of opportunities and challenges involved with the introduction of these requirements, including around the development of data management systems and merging sustainability and financial processes, terminology and definitions in order to provide a holistic view of how the company creates value.  

In this session, we will discuss the capabilities and other resources preparers need to meet incoming requirements, such as the IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards. In parallel, we will discuss how to ensure companies deliver business value through utilising this information to provide additional performance insights, rather than just seeing it as a compliance issue.