Organizer: Climate Action

Speaker: Linden Edgell, Global Sustainability Director, Mark Lee, Director, ERM Sustainability Institute & Andrew Zolli, Chief Impact Officer, Planet Labs

Bold commitments have been made by organisations to drive sustainability action and show their progress through robust disclosures. The real challenge lies in implementing a data driven strategy to design and monitor these commitments across complex organizations and supply chains. From complying with new regulation to managing deforestation; from adapting our coastlines to restoring biodiversity. Low orbit, high resolution satellite imagery is transforming the transparency and accuracy of the commitments being delivered by companies driving bold sustainability action. This imagery when combined with deep expertise in sustainability can transform satellite data into insights and strategy to enable action and build credibility.

Join ERM, the world’s largest sustainability advisor and Planet Labs, the leading provider of global near-daily satellite imagery, as they share how they are innovating together to provide fast and reliable actionable insights for those who are truly committed to taking sustainability action at scale.

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