The renewable generation capacity increased by 295 GW in 2022 and meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement will require 1 TW of installed capacity by 2030. Scale-up of renewable energy mega projects with capacity exceeding 0.5 GW per site will be critical to replacing the fossil fuel-driven power generation fleet and providing a sustainable source of electricity for cities and industry. This side event will showcase the potential and positive impact of these mega projects, from large-scale solar farms and offshore wind parks to hydropower installations. Industry experts will discuss the enabling conditions that facilitated off-take of these mega projects and how these initiatives resulted in creating green jobs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The panel will also address challenges in financing, permitting, and community engagement, seeking collaborative solutions to expedite the deployment of these game-changing projects.

Speaker: Michael Ottaviano, Regional Renewables Lead, APAC

Attendance: Contact for further information