Mike Wallace, Partner at ERM, was quoted in a recent Forbes article by Betsy Atkins titled, Demystifying ESG: Its History & Current Status.

Recognizing the prevalence of environmental, social and governance (ESG) in boardroom conversations, reporting, and media, the author looks to provide a context for these issues in the article. Mike Wallace contributes to the piece by explaining the evolution of the field and how it has continued to build over the years.

“While it might seem like this ESG ecosystem just appeared, it has actually been around for quite a while,” stated Wallace. “ERM has actively engaged in the evolution of the field by being at the table, representing industry’s perspective and by helping companies develop and integrate effective ESG strategies.”

The current ESG ecosystem, which started evolving more than 20-years ago, has become a major economic driver as mainstream investors increase their demand for corporate disclosure on ESG performance. With increasing pressure from investors and consumers to become more transparent and sustainable, companies are looking for ways to operate in a more sustainable way that creates long term value for the business and gains the trust of stakeholders.

ERM works frequently with clients on ESG related issues and has also written on their increasing importance in business, most recently in a report written in conjunction with The Yale Center for Business and the Environment, Investors Push the Pace of Climate Risk Financial Disclosures May 2020.