Our organizational structure is built around our Partnership model where ERM Partners are the shareholding managers and leaders of the firm.

Key client and practice teams, led by Partners, collaborate across offices and geographies to deploy the best people onto project teams. This structure enables ERM employees to support projects across geographies to meet our client needs while deepening their own professional experience.

During FY14, we continued to enhance our Human Resource Information System (HRIS), which enables us to manage our talent globally and provide accurate and efficient reporting and analysis of our skills throughout the company. This information helps us in many ways, such as efficient identification and deployment of employees with the right technical expertise to work on client projects around the globe.

In late FY14, we launched our Performance Management Framework (PMF), which enables all ERM employees to establish performance objectives and professional development goals for the coming year, in line with company objectives. The PMF emphasizes consistent and meaningful dialogue between employees and their managers, and ensures a single process across ERM, which is managed through our HRIS.

We responded appropriately to changing market conditions around the world in order to retain our existing employees while managing varying demand for resources. We ended the year with 4,554 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees, a slight drop from 4,704 FTE employees at the end of FY13. The amount of backlog (monetary value of work commissioned by clients) per employee increased over the financial year, meeting our target for the year. This showed an effective response to the changing operating context through careful management of the number of employees to match forward workload.

The majority of our workforce consists of permanent employees, with other employment arrangements established to suit local operational requirements and provide more flexible working opportunities for certain groups, including new parents, in keeping with relevant employment laws.

For a detailed breakdown of ERM's workforce by employment type, see our Global Data section.


We strive to be responsive to clients' changing needs by ensuring we have the right resources in the right locations at the right time. Our Global Mobility Program facilitates the movement of employees to new locations, both to meet client and business needs and to provide growth and leadership opportunities.

Our new HRIS includes a "Find Workers" functionality to identify potential employees to match job requirements anywhere in the world. This provides our managers with better visibility of global project resourcing and our employees with greater career development opportunities.

People Profile

Paula Gonzalez

Paula Gonzalez, Maputo, Mozambique

Crossing Continents to Expand ERM's Reach

After seven years with ERM in Portugal, I moved last year to Maputo to open ERM's office in Mozambique. This is an important strategic move for ERM - now we can serve our major clients operating in this part of Africa by deploying highly qualified, local Mozambican employees to projects. As our clients expand their activities, ERM is right there to support them by bringing together global expertise along with local knowledge and understanding.

I'm very proud of the fact that my talented colleagues are all from Mozambique. Originally, I am from Argentina, so even when I worked in Portugal, I understood the need to learn local customs and culture. Our local workforce gives us greater insight into the unique social and environmental challenges of the region.