With a comprehensive Career Framework in place for consulting and professional support employees, we are continuing to develop and implement leadership programs tailored to different roles and needs.

The aim of these programs is to develop a leadership pipeline that will sustain ERM's growth and our ability to meet our client's needs.

Because ERM's business model is Partner-led, we need to ensure we have a strong pipeline of candidates to consider for promotion each year. We continued to strengthen the Partner-in-Training (PT) program, enhancing the induction process, conducting annual regional development workshops and introducing a series of webinars to support on-the-job learning. During FY14, there were 24 promotions to the Partnership, further strengthening our leadership capabilities.

Our refreshed Aspire program, aimed at high-potential Senior Consultants, was delivered for the first time in each of our global regions.


Aspire Program

Aspire Program

The Aspire program is designed to help high-potential Senior Consultants accelerate their development and mature in their role, creating a pipeline of leadership talent to meet ERM's future business needs. The 12-month program includes a competency framework to guide development, a three-day launch workshop, a webinar program, small-team work on regionally-focused projects, mentorship, line manager support for on-the-job development and a closing workshop.

Participants in the Aspire program not only strengthen their managerial skills and develop a personal identification as a leader, but they also gain a greater understanding of ERM's business and goals. This insight drives their career objectives and helps establish stronger networks across the company creating a strong platform for personal development and contribution to ERM. Additionally, participants learn how to continue their development beyond the program and determine their personal career path, whether as a Principal Consultant, future Technical Director or future Partner.

People Profile

Fernanda Michalischen

Fernanda Michalischen, São Paulo, Brazil

Becoming a Leader

I was one of 24 Partners-in-Training (PT) promoted to ERM's Partnership in FY14. For me, ERM has never been only a job; I am passionate about this company and what I do. I saw the PT program as a way to become a leader of such a great company.

The PT program makes you realize that what we do is broader than our daily routine. It was a gift to hear the engagement and motivation of our senior leaders, and the program provided a structured way to build leadership skills to deal with the daily challenges of consulting. I believe people are our main asset and we have to take good care of them to continue to be the world's leading sustainability consultancy.

The market for climate change-related services is challenging in Brazil at the moment and, through the Partnership, I believe I can help provide innovative services to our clients. We can find market niches offering new, more strategic services, which I believe provide a strong growth opportunity for the company.