This report contains many examples of the positive impacts we are having on the environment through the support we provide to clients, as well as our thought leadership and work in local communities.

We recognize the need to continue improving our own environmental performance through the effective management of our offices and assets, business activities and client project work.

In FY14, we continued to focus on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with energy consumption from our offices and business travel. We continue to apply expertise to making improvements as we open, renovate or move offices, incorporating lessons learned on each occasion. A number of our offices have been recognized by building councils and local authorities for their ongoing efforts to reduce their environmental footprints.

Business travel remains one of our largest impacts, and we continue to invest in technology that enables internal meetings to be conducted via video conferencing. For the first time, we convened our global Senior Leadership Team (SLT) via a video conference in three hub locations, reducing our overall travel footprint, as well as saving travel time and costs.

Through these initiatives, we have seen a 2.1 percent reduction in GHG emissions per full time equivalent (FTE) employee, making progress toward our FY14 target for a 3 percent reduction in emissions intensity.

We continue to develop innovative approaches and tools to create further business benefits and collaborate on solutions to global sustainability challenges. For example, ERM is playing a leading role in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Action2020 Climate Change working group, co-leading the business solution focused on climate resilience.

We believe businesses will be stronger and more resilient by adapting to climate change risks, and we are therefore leading the way in the development of methodologies for companies to use for this purpose. One of our targets for FY14 was to develop our own ERM Climate Resilience Strategy, which we have commenced with a pilot study to understand operational impacts from weather related events.


Supporting the Launch of the World's First Carbon-Neutral Engine Oil

Over the past 18 months, ERM in the U.K. has supported BP Castrol to achieve carbon neutrality for its Professional brand of engine oils. Castrol embarked on this ambitious project after completing research with over a thousand franchised car dealerships globally, from the United States to Germany to China. Their enthusiastic response encouraged Castrol to move forward with this initiative.

The world's first certified carbon-neutral engine oil was launched during the prestigious Geneva Motor Show in March 2014 and Castrol has now begun its global marketing campaign.

Claiming carbon neutrality is more than just purchasing offsets. ERM worked with Castrol to complete a detailed and third-party-verified life cycle carbon footprint in accordance with the GHG Protocol and to ensure that its neutrality claim met the stringent requirements of BSI's PAS 2060. Castrol is committed to long-term carbon reductions and has established an emissions reduction plan that will be monitored annually. For the first year, Castrol has invested in a portfolio of emissions-reduction projects such as reforestation in Kenya, clean electricity generation in China and windfarms in New Caledonia.

People Profile

Bronwyn Purvis

Bronwyn Purvis, London, U.K.

Advising Clients toward Sustainable Operations

Our clients are facing growing expectations from their stakeholders to demonstrate how they are responding to a broad spectrum of social and environmental challenges, from the ethical treatment of workers to addressing the impacts of climate change.

As a Technical Director working on sustainability, I am in a unique position not only to engage with clients to understand their needs, but also to drive the development of our technical services internally, to ensure we continue to meet those evolving needs. It's important to recognize though that we are more than just service providers, we are our clients' advisors and often my role is to be "on call" to chat through challenges. Being a Technical Director gives you a great mandate to assume a lead role in communicating and driving innovation across the business.

We have a vital role in assisting our clients to operate more sustainably. We are trusted to realize client visions for operating in new territories and expanding in existing ones.