Global Manufacturer in nutrition, hygiene, and personal care brands. Supply Chain Director required an ESG Risk screening of all their business-critical suppliers. The screening would then lead to decisions on alternative suppliers or supporting/training suppliers to improve their scores. 


The client provided a list of suppliers that required risk rating and in order of priority/size or business criticality. ERM provided an ESG Fusion risk rating report for each supplier methodically and within 48 working hours. 


The scores provided a focus and talking point with all their suppliers. It helped triage the suppliers and the long-term strategy with these companies. Indices and scoring on management maturity and ESG Policy helped to understand the level of work needed to bring the supplier to the desired level. The Supply Chain Director was able to screen several alternative suppliers and assess the risk or opportunity in moving their business. 

The methodology and the framework were explained to other stakeholders in the business including the Net Zero Team, CFO, CEO and the Marketing Team. All departments saw opportunity in the reports and increased the usage to look at Benchmarking the business against peers.