ERM’s quarterly global trends insights provide a quick summary of the latest sustainability issues impacting the private sector. Drawing on the long-running annual report produced by the SustainAbility Institute by ERM, this quarter’s update tracks six corporate sustainability macrotrends affecting the private sector 

Trends include: 

  • Geopolitics in the energy transition - the scramble for critical minerals to fuel the renewable energy revolution.
  • A sharp rise in criticism of ESG - global inflows into ESG ETFs fall sharply and long-term forecasts remain mixed.
  • Mandatory ESG disclosure requirements and greenwashing scrutiny - disclosure increasingly enters the domains of CFOs and legal officers.
  • Realization that the 1.5°C global warming target will be missed - focus increasingly turns to emissions removals.
  • Nature pulls alongside climate on the disclosure agenda - corporates consider nature-related credits to meet decarbonization goals. Banks also join in with nature pledges.
  • The battle for hearts and minds of high-skilled employees - disappointed in inflexible company cultures, many opt for contract work over full-time positions.

The update provides essential reading for any business executive looking to understand the strategic implications of today’s sustainability context.


The Spring 2023 quarterly trends insights were compiled by Mark Lee, Aiste Brackley, Andrew Angle and Jacco Kroon at the SustainAbility Institute by ERM.