Renewable energy holds the key to cutting global greenhouse gas emissions and meeting one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Around 90% of the renewable capacity required to hit net zero emission targets by 2050 is yet to be built, and global renewables installed capacity will need to grow 10-fold by 2050 and requires over $25 trillion investment. In this regard, offshore wind holds tremendous promise for emerging markets as a large-scale, clean, reliable form of new electricity generation with the potential to stimulate valuable economic benefits.  

ERM brings renewables support at every level of the organization and at every decision gateway, be it securing project approvals, supporting day-to-day operations, or tackling strategic challenges – all while reducing risk and driving value creation. Our diverse and talented team of professionals has worked on some of the world’s most significant energy projects, leading companies large and small, across a range of technologies. At any stage during development, construction or operation, we will work with clients to find cost-effective solutions that maximize the value of the project over its lifetime. We offer support services in development services, due diligence and independent engineering. 

ERM at the Conference 

Particularly when it comes to port infrastructure, the zeal in developing new offshore wind sectors may come with previously unforeseen consequences. Port issues may arise in the race to unlock emerging offshore wind markets.  

Don’t miss ERM’s Jon Collins presentation on “Port Issues in Emerging Markets” on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 12:35 PM – 12:45 PM BST. Session SCH25: Port issues in emerging markets; Supply Chain Hub