Sustainability Report 2016

Progress on key issues

Our performance

ERM operates with a number of important guiding principles and values. These important values remain the foundation of our culture and the engine that drives our sustainability performance.   

Business conduct and ethics 
Applying our Business Conduct and Ethics commitments across every ERM office and activity, every day, depends upon the involvement and awareness of individual employees and leaders.

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Environmental footprint 

We recognize the need to continue improving our own environmental performance through the effective management of our offices and assets, business activities and client project work. Environment is a key focus area within the UN Global Compact and, as a signatory, we strive to embrace its core values and promote them within our sphere of influence.

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Greenhouse gas emissions
Through our materiality assessment, we identified the wider impacts of a changing climate and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as our most significant environmental issue – for our own performance and across our value chain.

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Managing risks
We exercise judgment with respect to the clients and third parties we engage with and the types of work we do. We will not work with clients or contractors who do not share our commitment to high ethical standards and have turned down project opportunities because of concerns involving human rights violations and other ethical issues.

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Financial performance 

Financial year 2016 (FY16) was another successful year for the sustainable, future growth of the ERM business, with strong overall performance despite more difficult market conditions.

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