Sustainability Report 2016

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Working with clients to navigate a changing energy landscape

Scott Moorhouse
Denver, Colorado, US

The energy sector is an exciting place right now. In my role as ERM's Managing Partner for the Global Power Sector, I have a front-row view of the many market shifts taking place, in terms of both the types of energy being generated and its distribution across the globe.

There is a variety of factors behind these shifts, from the growing global middle class driving the need for additional generation, to the emergence of regulation guiding the world to a lower-carbon future and the development of cheaper, cleaner sources of power, such as liquid natural gas. ERM provides a unique mix of expertise to help our energy sector clients address their environmental, health and safety challenges.

As the world adopts broader carbon-reducing legislation and companies pursue renewable energy projects, the regulatory, social and political landscape in the sector will become increasingly complex. In addition to renewables, there is also increased pressure to manage existing fossil fuel projects sustainably. I look forward to leveraging ERM's strong relationships with our clients across the globe to explore the variety of new opportunities the marketplace is presenting.

I believe ERM has the right balance of technical, social and regulatory expertise to help our clients access successfully and responsibly the energy they need, in places they need it, to operate far into the future.