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Sarah Barnett
Annapolis, Maryland, US

I have been very fortunate to work with a great variety of clients on corporate sustainability reporting and disclosure projects during my five years at ERM.

Through the focus on materiality in the GRI G4 Guidelines, we have the opportunity to engage with sustainability leaders and key subject matter experts from all areas within the client's organization to help identify the issues of greatest importance to each company's long-term future. These insights help us when working with clients to shape sustainability strategies, which in turn inform more tailored sustainability reports. We find this materiality-focused approach generates real value for our clients through fostering cross-functional collaboration and alignment with business objectives.

It is fascinating to see the varied approaches that our clients take to drive sustainability performance within their organizations and to enhance their reporting to key stakeholders. We use our experience from working with a wide-range of clients to inform the GRI G4 training that we are accredited to deliver in the United States, as well as our publications, webinars and the use of other media to provide insights to the market.

I also appreciate the opportunity to contribute to ERM's Sustainability Report since our inaugural report in 2011. I have supported the core team to prepare ERM's report and held a role in my local office as part of the Sustainability Network driving local action. It is very rewarding to see the sustainability performance data I collect for my local office in my role as a Sustainability Champion feed into the global performance report of our whole company. I have an even greater appreciation for and understanding of our clients' challenges with data collection and discussing key messages and challenges through the first-hand experience I gained working on ERM's report.