Sustainability Report 2016

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Expertise enhancing our health and safety approach

Jan Schade
Austin, Texas, US

Trained as an occupational health nurse with extensive experience in occupational health program management, I support the full range of health and safety issues in the workplace.

For the past two years, I have served as the Global Manager of Occupational Health for ERM. I bring more than 30 years of experience to my position. In addition to participating in the development and implementation of programs designed to help with ergonomic issues, I have been involved in several key programs at ERM. Two programs of note include:

  • Medical surveillance and travel fitness exams: Partnering with our legal department, consulting physician, outside medical vendors, human resources, and health and safety experts, we designed a fit-for-purpose international Travel Fitness Program for travel to high risk and remote areas of the world.
  • Drug and alcohol testing program management: Teaming with health and safety, human resources, legal and operations management, we created the ERM Global Drug-Free Workplace Program. This program is designed to help our business units meet contractual client-required substance abuse testing within country-specific legal parameters while protecting confidentiality and privacy. As part of this initiative, I helped design an ERM Academy training course on supervisor awareness for drugs and alcohol, and coordinated successful client drug and alcohol audits.

I am proud to be sought out by managers and employees for my problem-solving skills, combining technical knowledge, company policies and practices.