Sustainability Report 2016

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Supporting sustainable growth in West Africa

Emily Nunn
Dakar, Senegal

As part of rePlan: an ERM group company, I manage our office in Dakar, Senegal, and projects in the region.

rePlan specializes in managing the social risks associated with large-scale extractive and infrastructure projects. We work on the ground with our clients, tackling complex issues such as resettlement, livelihood restoration, conflict resolution, development planning and social issues associated with the closure of sites or assets. We opened an office in Dakar in 2013 to put a team of experts in place who can respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of our clients operating in West Africa in a cost-effective way.

I came to rePlan with a background in community-driven development and human rights, as well as a number of years leading the Corporate Social Responsibility program of one of the world's largest mining industry associations. This experience has helped me understand the challenges that are faced by both companies and communities when it comes to managing the impacts and sharing the benefits of large-scale projects. I work with companies to put in place the approaches, tools and mechanisms that foster transparent, respectful and constructive relationships with their stakeholders. As the resource and infrastructure sectors continue to grow in West Africa – and civil society and government expectations of corporate accountability mature with them – these relationships are key to ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.

The responsible development of natural resource and infrastructure projects in West Africa has the potential to drive economic growth in the region over the long term. Even as global commodity prices remain low, investment in extractive sector projects and major infrastructure development continues in West Africa. Our clients recognize the important contribution they can make to social and economic development in the communities and countries where they operate.