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Leading ERM's energy delivery services team

Doni Murphy
Chicago, Illinois, US

One of the greatest challenges facing the power sector is the continued need to diversify power generation and means of energy delivery to meet the needs of the 21st century.

We bring to our clients many years of experience in helping to meet this challenge. As an example, I lead a multidisciplined ERM team that managed the routing, licensing and permitting, land and easement acquisition, and environmental construction compliance of thousands of miles of gas and electric transmission and distribution facilities throughout the United States. We deliver business value to our clients through our unique ability to implement highly effective stakeholder engagement and public involvement programs, our deep understanding of existing policy and regulatory nuances across a broad technical spectrum to provide highly regarded economic and risk management guidance, and our proven focus on efficiency optimization and results-based innovation.

Low-carbon power generation has become an essential part of ERM’s technical portfolio. I am proud to work with our team of power sector experts that has deep industry experience with wind, solar and other renewable energy sources. Our team has performed numerous critical issues assessments and due diligence reviews and has supported the development of dozens of wind generation projects across the United States. With regard to other low-carbon generation facilities, our team’s solar generation experience encompasses both distributed and utility-scale solar development, including a 900 MW solar generation project. Additionally, we continue to support multiple retrofit and coal-to-gas conversion projects, as well as new gas generation. Our work on all of these projects helps our power sector clients successfully move along the spectrum of energy transformation and diversification.