Sustainability Report 2016

Highlights 2016

People Profile

Collaborating across regions to deliver robust results

Bethwyn Lewis
Perth, Australia

Working with experts across diverse geographies benefits our clients and leverages ERM's expertise in managing complex projects.

One of the ways ERM differentiates ourselves from other consultancies is our ability to bring together the right project team members, regardless of where they are physically based. As the project manager for onshore and offshore environmental investigations and regulatory approvals management, I work with ERM colleagues around the globe to provide seamless, selfless and proactive collaboration to meet the client's expectations for a coordinated and high-quality delivery.

In FY16, ERM teams from Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and India worked with local subcontractors to support an important oil and gas client in Myanmar. Specific ERM offices were engaged based on their deep in-country knowledge while others were selected due to their ongoing experience working with, and understanding of, the client.

From the outset, the project was subject to an accelerated schedule. To meet client and statutory demands, ERM consultants were deployed on short notice from Hong Kong and Indonesia to undertake in-country engagement in collaboration with local subcontractors. Despite the differing geographies, the ERM project team was able to facilitate client workshops and meetings across four geographic regions to ensure the client received regular and prompt senior technical input.

By working closely with my colleagues across borders, we delivered a robust and well-received report in a very tight timeline. Behind the scene, our smooth handover of project tasks, effective tag-teaming between resources and stepping in to provide client support at critical stages led to a successful outcome for the client.

What began as a small, initial scoping phase has grown into a large project and subsequent award of other projects in the region with the client, demonstrating the benefits to our client of commissioning quality work from a collaborative multinational organization.