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ERM Global Safety Day

Bringing ERM together to celebrate our performance, demonstrate safety leadership and highlight the behaviors that will drive sustained safety excellence.

November 19, 2015 was celebrated throughout ERM as global Safety Day – a time when we pause to celebrate our safety successes and talk about our ongoing safety journey. This year, we focused on 'training and competency', to ensure that everyone has the required skills to deliver their job safely. Training is the process of teaching or instructing a person on the particular skills they need to perform a task. It is an important component of establishing competency, but training itself is not sufficient on its own. Competency consists of a number of aspects, including training, skills, knowledge, experience, understanding the task and a range of human factors. Safety training and competency are essential to everything we do at ERM, and all our employees and contractors – no matter how seasoned – must embrace its importance.

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During the 2015 Safety Day, we reaffirmed our commitment to safety in all aspects of what we do, wherever we do it: in the field, at the office or while traveling. Across our network of global offices, we reviewed case studies and shared techniques to determine project team members' competency to complete projects safely and successfully. We reiterated how critical competency is to delivering our work safely, as well as how on-the-job training, coaching, conversations and experience are all necessary elements of achieving this outcome. Each person committed to take specific actions to develop their own competence and the competence of teams and others they work with.

Although we celebrate safety each year on Safety Day, we are thinking about safety throughout each and every day. Safety is more than just talk at ERM – it is about actions. Our management empowers employees to take all actions necessary to ensure a safe work environment, including exercising their "stop work authority."

For a sampling of the Safety Day exercises and engagement among our people worldwide, view the short video on this page.