Sustainability Report 2016

Case Study

Highlights 2016

Assessing the societal implications of our clients' work

Toronto, Canada

ERM works with clients across the globe, in many different business environments. We specialize in supporting clients with the most complex projects, often in the mining and infrastructure development industries.

These projects are typically enormous in scope and duration and can have significant effects on the environment and nearby communities. rePlan: an ERM group company based in Toronto, Canada, works with operators of some of the world's largest, most complex projects to determine the societal implications, risks and opportunities.

Graeme Burt, Managing Partner of rePlan, collaborates closely with these clients to identify, understand and address the social issues around their projects. The work rePlan does in this area is often sensitive; we are bridging the business goals of a client and the concerns of affected members of the public, whose health, prosperity or well-being may be changing due to new developments or activities. A crucial piece of our work with clients revolves around coalescing these points of view into a business plan that is mutually beneficial in the short and long terms.

In this video, Graeme describes the delicate balance rePlan seeks to achieve on every project. Graeme discusses the essential need to consider an empathetic, long view when working through the concerns of public stakeholders, ensuring that our clients can retain their social license to operate, minimize project delays and protect their reputation. This is particularly in the case of resettlement projects, which may take three to five years or more.

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