Sustainability Report 2016

Health and safety  

Data presented here support the health and safety section of this report.

ERM's health and safety performance and the pulse of our culture are monitored continuously through our event communication system (ECS). The ECS allows any employee to "communicate" the occurrence of a health, safety, security or environment event. Its use is encouraged as part of everyday life in the company. ECS information is used in real-time for sharing lessons learned around the globe, refining ERM's procedures for safe work, observing trends and identifying areas for improvement.

Event communication system FY14 - FY16




1 All former Unsafe Acts, Unsafe Conditions, Remarkable Safe Behaviors and any Non-ERM Related events were reclassifed as Observations during FY16. 
 2 Stop Work is a new event type introduced in FY16.

3-year rolling TRIR average

Health and safty data breakdown

Recordable incidents by type