Sustainability Report 2016

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This report has been prepared based on GRI's G4 Guidelines to describe more directly our material issues and our performance and initiatives. We declare this report to be in accordance with the G4 Guidelines at a core level.

As required by the G4 Guidelines, we provide an index with the location of specific disclosures in this report. We also provide a separate index corresponding to our progress in implementing the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

Data that relate to specific GRI G4 indicators are labeled (e.g. ) throughout the report.

As part of ERM's efforts to advance sustainability reporting, we support the activities of GRI as a GRI GOLD Community member (formerly Organizational Stakeholder).
General Standard Disclosures
Disclosure numberDisclosure descriptionSection/page
G4-1 CEO message CEO message
Disclosure numberDisclosure descriptionSection/page
G4-3 Name of organization Supporting data
G4-4 Primary brands, products, services About us
G4-5 Location of organization's headquarters Supporting data
G4-6 Countries of significant operation Organizational structure 
G4-7 Ownership and legal form Our history
Financial performance
G4-8 Markets served Impact through client work
Supporting data
G4-9 Scale of organization, including # of employees, # of operations, sales/revenues, capitalization, quantity of products/services Organizational structure
Creating opportunities
Financial performance
Supporting data

Total capitalization for the company as of 31 March 2016 was approximately $1.9 billion, comprising $4 million of ordinary share capital, $1 billion of preference share capital and shareholder loan stock and $867 million of bank loans.
G4-10 Employees by contract, gender, region Supporting data
G4-11 % of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements NA
G4-12 Describe organization's supply chain Our value chain
G4-13 Significant changes in reporting period

Our history

G4-14 Precautionary approach addressed by the organization Environmental footprint
G4-15 Externally developed charters and principles subscribed/endorsed CEO Message
Creating opportunities 
ERM’s engagement in sustainability challenges
G4-16 Membership in associations Thought leadership
Creating opportunities
ERM’s engagement in sustainability challenges
Disclosure numberDisclosure descriptionSection/page
G4-17 Operational structure Organizational structure
Financial performance
G4-18 Process for defining report content Our material issues
Our reporting approach
Our stakeholders
G4-19 List all material aspects Our material issues
G4-20 Report the aspect boundary within the organization for each material aspect G4 Specific standard disclosures
(see below)
G4-21 Report the aspect boundary outside the organization for each material aspect G4 Specific standard disclosures
(see below)
G4-22 Explanation of any restatements Supporting data
G4-23 Report significant changes from previous reporting periods in the Scope and Aspect Boundaries


Disclosure numberDisclosure descriptionSection/page
G4-24 List of stakeholder groups engaged by organization Our stakeholders
G4-25 Basis for identification and selection of stakeholders Our stakeholders
G4-26 Approaches to stakeholder engagement, including frequency by type and group Our stakeholders
G4-27 Key topics raised through engagement (by group), and how the organization responded Stakeholder feedback
Disclosure numberDisclosure descriptionSection/page
G4-28 Reporting period Our reporting approach
G4-29 Date of previous report Our reporting approach
G4-30 Reporting cycle Our reporting approach
G4-31 Contact point for questions CEO message
G4-32 GRI index This table
G4-33 Current practice for external assurance Assurance
Disclosure numberDisclosure descriptionSection/page
G4-34 Governance structure of organization, including committees of highest governance body Organizational structure
Disclosure numberDisclosure descriptionSection/page
G4-56  Values, principles, standards, and norms of behaviors  Business conduct and ethics
Disclosure numberDisclosure descriptionSection/page
G4-42 Highest governance level - setting direction About us
G4-45 Highest governance level - identification and management of risk Managing risks
G4-46 Highest governance level - review of effectiveness of risk management Managing risks
G4-47 Highest governance level - frequency of risk review Managing risks
G4-48 Highest governance level - formally reviews and approves Sustainability Report Our reporting approach


ERM Sustainability Element

Material issues
People Attracting leadership talent, Recruitment, Retention, Diversity
Social - Training and Education G4 - DMA
Our people G4-LA92 Internal
Social - Diversity and Equal Opportunity G4 - DMA
Our people G4-LA123 Internal
H&S Preventing serious injuries
Social - OHS G4 - DMA
Aspect-Specific DMA
Health and safety
Health and safety
G4-LA64 Internal and external
Social - OHS G4 - DMA Health and safety
G4-LA7 Internal
Business conducts and ethics Ensuring no monetary fines or sanctions
Social - Compliance G4 - DMA Business conducts and ethics G4-SO8 Internal
Environment Managing organizational carbon footprint
Environment - Emission G4 - DMA
Aspect-Specific DMA

Greenhouse gas emissions
Greenhouse gas emissions





Community Contributing to society and the environment
Economic - Economic performance G4-DMA Financial performance
About this report
G4-EC16 Internal

1 All data available in Supporting data page.
2 Not available: Due to system limitations, ERM is not able to report the average hours of training that the organization's employees have undertaken during the reporting period by gender or employee category. 
3 Partially available: ERM reports on minority groups for governance bodies, but due to system limitations, is not able to report on minority groups for employees at this time. At the close of FY16, the United Kingdom-based Board of Directors consists of four members of Caucasian descent. All 13 members of the Executive Committee are of Caucasian descent.
4 Not applicable: ERM does not report safety data by gender as this is deemed not material to our operations given the gender-neutral nature of our work. Lost day rate is also not material. Not available: Due to system limitations, ERM is not able to report occupational disease rates or absentee rates for the entire workforce.ERM is unable to include independent contractors at this time due to system limitations. 
5 Only carbon is included in GHG calculations because it has been determined as our most material gas source.
6 Confidential: Financial targets for FY16 not included as commercially sensitive. Not available: Due to commercial sensitivity data is not provided at a regional level.