Sustainability Report 2015

Our people

Inspiring leadership

Our organizational structure is built around our Partnership model, where ERM Partners are the shareholding managers and leaders of the firm.

Key client, sector and geographically based teams, led by our Partners, collaborate across offices and geographies to deploy the best people onto project teams. This structure enables ERM employees to support projects across different geographies to meet client needs while also deepening their own professional experience.

Performance Management Framework

ERM has developed a globally consistent Performance Management Framework, which enables all ERM employees to establish their own performance objectives and professional development goals each year. The Performance Management Framework emphasizes meaningful dialogue between employees and their managers, and ensures a consistent approach across ERM, which is managed through our Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Goals and objectives for each employee are aligned with the company’s objectives and balanced scorecard for the fiscal year.

Our HRIS also enables us to manage our talent globally, and provide accurate and efficient reporting and analysis of skills across the company. This insight is very valuable, helping us to identify and deploy employees with the right technical expertise for client projects around the globe.

ERM takes employee privacy very seriously; HRIS has been designed to protect the security of personal data in alignment with the highest global standards.

Leadership pipeline

With a comprehensive career framework in place for consulting and professional support employees, we are continuing to develop and implement leadership programs tailored to different roles and needs. The aim of these programs is to develop a leadership pipeline and set of succession plans that will sustain ERM's growth and our ability to meet our clients’ needs into the future.

As ERM's business model is Partner-led, we need to ensure we have a robust pipeline of candidates to consider for promotion each year. We have a strong Partner-in-Training program, which includes a rigorous induction process, annual development workshops and a series of webinars to support on-the-job learning. We continued to strengthen this program by assigning a coach to all new Partners to support their ongoing development and success. During FY15, there were 30 promotions into the Partnership, further strengthening our leadership.

Aspire program

Our Aspire program is designed to help high-potential Senior Consultants accelerate their development and mature in their role, creating a pipeline of leadership talent to meet ERM's future business needs.

Participants in the Aspire program not only strengthen their managerial skills and develop as a leader, but they also gain a greater understanding of ERM's business and strategy. This insight drives their career objectives and helps establish relationships across the company, creating a strong platform for personal development and contribution to ERM. Additionally, participants learn how to continue their development beyond the program and map their career path, whether as a Principal Consultant, Technical Director or, through the Partner-in-Training program, a promoted Partner.