Sustainability Report 2015

Sustainability Report 2015

Progress on key issues

As the world’s leading sustainability consultancy, we will continue to focus on addressing sustainability challenges by serving clients, through the ERM Foundation and as thought leaders in our markets.

John Simonson, Director of Global Programs

Our material aspects, otherwise known as key issues or material issues, by definition reflect ERM’s significant economic, environmental and social impacts.

We have organized these issues into five categories:

  • Our people;
  • Health and safety;
  • Our performance;
  • Impact through client work; and
  • Contributing to society.

Within each of these five categories, we provide detailed information on specific issues raised through our stakeholder engagement process, our approach to managing these issues and the key performance indicators (KPIs) we have established. We also provide a summary table of performance against our sustainability targets. Detailed data are provided in the supporting data section of this report.

Our people

ERM is fundamentally a people-centered business. The attraction, development, reward and retention of our talented employees across the world is of the greatest importance to our ongoing success.

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Health and safety

We place an extraordinary focus on health and safety performance. Our policies, procedures and training enable work to be conducted in a safe and responsible manner. Every ERM employee and contractor is required to be an active participant in managing the safe execution of our work.

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Our performance

Sustainability is central to our business strategy, and as such, we are focused on driving performance across important areas including the environment and business conduct and ethics, alongside our approach to managing risk and our financial performance.

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Impact through client work

We focus on serving our clients' needs across the life cycle of their assets and businesses. We believe the greatest impact we can have is through helping our clients seek solutions to sustainability challenges now and into the future.

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Contributing to society

ERM is making a tangible contribution to global sustainability challenges through our thought leadership activities, which build upon our experience with clients and projects across industries, and our support for sustainable development in local communities around the world via the ERM Foundation and its programs.

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Results against targets

We saw mixed performance against the targets we set ourselves for FY15 due to a variety of reasons that are explained in each section of this report. We have taken these results into account as we set our targets for the next year and beyond. 

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