Sustainability Report 2015


People profiles

Integration of Zer01 into ERM Sustainability Information Solutions

Rob Pedler
Brisbane, Australia

In 2012, ERM acquired Zer01, an Australian sustainability information solutions (SIS) company for which I had served as CEO.

I believe that ERM's acquisition of Zer01 has delivered significant value for both ERM and the Zer01 employees who came across with the acquisition on two levels: our people and our business.

The acquisition and integration into ERM has created opportunities for our people that may not have existed via Zer01. Former Zer01 consultants now have the opportunity to work on larger, global projects that can be used to develop and build skills and capabilities. Exposure to a wider spectrum of business requirements in different regions also has allowed contributions to a global Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) offering and facilitated shared knowledge with peers in other parts of ERM’s business. In fact, all staff who came across with the acquisition are still working with ERM.

On the business side, Zer01 provided ERM with a strong, capable critical mass to establish our SAP offering. That foundation has, in part, contributed to the SAP offering growth of over 300 percent from our beginnings in FY13. Many of ERM’s existing large clients are also large SAP enterprise clients, and having a strong SAP Practice as part of SIS allows us to add to the ERM value proposition by bringing complementary SAP support to our existing information solutions for clients.

In 2014, ERM’s SAP expertise was recognized when we were awarded the SAP Pinnacle Award as the Sustainability Partner of the Year for our contributions to the segment. Information solutions and management are at the heart all aspects of health, safety, environment and risk performance in organizations of all sizes. ERM SIS, uniquely, now can bring together the key dimensions of technology and solutions expertise with business best practices and subject matter expertise.