Sustainability Report 2015


People profiles

Improving business innovation across the value chain

Mitchell Thompson
Melbourne, Australia

I joined ERM in late 2014 at a time when existing and emerging sustainability challenges were defining our markets and future business landscape.

For our clients, business as usual is not an option. From ongoing debates on how best to address climate change to significant pressure on resources - such as water, energy and food - combined with technical advances enabling rapid growth in resource exploitation, society's expectations concerning corporate performance have increased significantly.

ERM is accustomed to serving our clients by driving innovation and business efficiency. However, we also make a huge difference to our clients' environmental, social and financial performance by examining impacts across the value chain. This broader approach can yield significant benefits. By understanding what sustainability means to our clients, we can achieve better outcomes, create safer environments and minimize the impacts on already stressed ecosystems.

As a new Partner, I see how addressing important sustainability issues and expanding our clients' understanding of sustainability help create more reflective, responsive and resilient businesses. My role as a member of ERM's Sustainability Council is to bring my market knowledge, technical expertise and insights to the Council to enable informed debate on key strategic sustainability issues that impact our clients and ERM. The outcomes should strengthen further our ability to support clients and make a positive difference in the world.