Sustainability Report 2015


People profiles

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative

Josh Hancock
Seattle, Washington, US

The Fair Trade brand is intended to provide farmers with a better price for their product compared to other coffee brands. LCEF investee Pachamama Coffee Cooperative takes this concept a step further – they are actually owned by the farmers.

The Cooperatives's product is marketed and distributed by a non-profit organization, so all profits flow directly back to the farmers. Each of the farmers is also committed to sustainable growing practices such as shade-grown coffee, creating an economically viable way to maintain tropical forests.

Through ongoing support in the development of Pachamama's business plan, I had a unique opportunity to help leverage social media to fund the purchase of an in-house coffee roaster. Together with Pachamama's CEO, we started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the roaster. We created a funding video, and launched the project within three weeks with the help of a media strategist. Once the campaign was live, we had 60 days to hit our $50,000 funding goal. With the help of many ERM employees in the United States, and with just two minutes to spare, we pushed past the $50,000 mark. By owning this crucial part of the production process, Pachamama ensures the highest-quality product to its customers and can redirect profits back to the farmers who need it most.

Through my involvement with Pachamama, I have learned many things about business planning, strategy and social media. I'm proud to have worked with a team of ERM colleagues who were able to help an LCEF investee grow their business.