Sustainability Report 2015


People profiles

A flexible approach to the workplace

Gay Sickles
Houston, Texas, US

I am part of ERM's Specialty Global Businesses – Sustainability Information Solutions, Global Risk and ERM CVS.

The resources within the Specialty Global Businesses are spread widely around the world, enabling us to serve our clients across many time zones. Although I spend a couple of days a month in the office checking in with my Houston-based team, I am able to conduct all other business from home.

Working from home has its challenges. Initially, I found the lack of face-to-face interaction difficult when collaborating closely with colleagues and clients. But I learned to adapt to a globally connected world where virtual communication and the use of technology enhance our business interactions.

Ensuring I have the appropriate technology to help manage the day-to-day demands of my job is crucial. ERM provides me with everything I need to carry out my job as efficiently and effectively as any of my office-based colleagues. This includes providing information, training and equipment for an ergonomically correct workstation at home.

Working remotely means I save time and money by not commuting and my greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced. For employees who need flexibility in their schedules, working from home can be the critical factor in enabling them to have a successful career at ERM.