Sustainability Report 2015


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Development of new standard for contaminated sites in Australia

Ed Dennis
Perth, Australia

My role at ERM is focused on growing our position as one of the leading providers of Contaminated Site Management (CSM) services in Western Australia.

Traditionally we have provided these services to the oil and gas and mining sectors, although recent changes in the market have prompted diversification into other sectors including land and infrastructure development and the Power Sector. The food and agriculture sector is developing rapidly in Western Australia due to our proximity to China and Southeast Asia and the food security needs of these parts of Asia. Our expertise in water management positions us to support this sector.

I have always been eager to promote and contribute to CSM best practice in the region. For instance, Australia has been in need of a consistent, national approach to managing the impact of light non-aqueous-phase liquid (LNAPL) in the subsurface. In recent years, colleagues and I were commissioned by the Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC CARE) to develop guidance to support the assessment, management and remediation of LNAPL. We produced the Practitioner’s Guide, which was published as CRC CARE’s Technical Report 34 in February 2015.

The technical report is aimed at industry project managers, environmental consultants, remediation practitioners, site owners, site operators and regulators of contaminated sites in Australia. It is intended primarily to serve as a functional and unifying guide to LNAPL remediation by providing a consistent, pragmatic and systematic process for the management of an LNAPL-impacted site, irrespective of scientific development, LNAPL remediation technology or regulatory policy. A key element of the Practitioner’s Guide is the incorporation of environmental and economic sustainability assessment into the decision-making process during the appraisal and selection of remedial technologies.