Sustainability Report 2015


People profiles

Helping children in São Paulo

Adriana Mello
São Paulo, Brazil

The Doña Ana Rosa Institute is a non-profit organization aimed at providing free assistance to more than 1,500 underprivileged children and young people. 

Working in partnership with the city government of São Paulo, the Institute has been operating since 1874, promoting cultural, educational and sporting activities for low-income children.

I first became involved with the Institute in the 1990s before joining ERM. The ERM Foundation provided me the opportunity to renew my involvement and introduce the Institute's programs to others. Through the ERM Foundation, we are now running our third project. The Institute is always open to new ideas, and we have gained tremendous experience with this partnership.

Our most recent ERM Foundation project is to install a low-cost solar water heater at the Institute to reduce its energy consumption and GHG emissions. The Institute has a significant energy demand due to intense use of electric showers by the children. More than 300 children per day take showers at the Institute facility. In the first phase, ERM employees performed a field survey with the Institute’s personnel, collecting data and information to plan the installation and calculate the heater demand and size. In the second phase, the project aims to train the Institute’s adolescents (15 to 17 years old) to build and install the solar water heaters.