Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

Travel Risk Management keeps workforce safe

West Africa

ERM's Travel Risk Management Program enabled leaders to respond effectively to local and regional disease outbreaks and political unrest several times in FY15. For example, during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, ERM consulted with our Health Advisor and, as a consequence, the risk level for the affected countries was elevated immediately. We confirmed we had no current travelers in the affected regions and worked with those who were scheduled to travel. During the next few months, we worked with our Health Advisor to determine mitigation for travel to these locations, reviewing the conditions in the field and looking at how our clients and immigration officials around the world were responding on an almost daily basis.

In another, lower-profile incident, upon learning of a wild poliovirus outbreak in Israel, we were able to identify four ERM employees who were in Israel at that time. Reviewing the data available in the Travel Risk Assessment, we supported those travelers to manage the issue appropriately.

Finally, in terms of security, following political unrest in Egypt, when we identified an ERM team planning travel to Egypt in the upcoming weeks. Working with our security advisors and the client, we were able to delay travel until the situation had stabilized.