Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

Mapping sustainability aspects along southwest Australian coast

Great Australian Bight, Australia

ERM performed coastal sensitivity mapping for BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd to support the company's oil and gas exploration activities in the Great Australian Bight, a largely untested frontier petroleum basin off southern Australia. Following seismic data acquisition, BP is preparing for a drilling campaign in their area (covering approximately 24,000 square kilometers) and awarded ERM an important element of this support work. Our efforts produced a geographic information system (GIS) database with valuable information on the vast region's environmental and socioeconomic resources and sensitivities.

The mapping encompassed a wide range of physical, environmental and socioeconomic parameters, covering a broad swathe of the southern Australian coastline. ERM compiled an extensive range of desktop information sources to be collated into GIS format, organized into three main data layers: shoreline habitats, biological and ecological resources, and socioeconomic resources.

In early 2015, we delivered a geodatabase and output report capturing the environmental and social sensitivities along this huge stretch of coastline. The information will allow BP to assess the potential for coastal impacts and plan appropriate emergency response activities based on clear, robust and evidence-based geographic data.