Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

Global process safety management audit program

Corporate Headquarters, UK

A confidential manufacturing client identified process safety management (PSM) as a key risk to the company's business and reputation, and retained ERM to support the roll-out of a global program of PSM audits. These audits were intended to help the client understand and manage major hazards and associated controls at over 100 manufacturing sites around the world.

At the start of the program, ERM conducted workshops with key client personnel to co-design and optimize the site visit process. This process included site selection, the development of audit tools and enhancements to the reporting format.

During site visits, ERM used a bow-tie risk assessment workshop to identify the key threats and consequences that could arise as a result of the loss of control over a process safety hazard, the key safety defenses (e.g., barriers and controls) that should be in place to prevent the event from occurring and the measures in place to mitigate the consequences if such an event were to occur. The integrated ERM/client audit team then tested the robustness of the defenses through auditing both the critical aspects of the site's PSM program and the specific barriers and mitigation measures identified through the bow-tie exercise, in a collaborative and supportive working environment.

The audit program enabled the client to identify the gaps and weaknesses at the site level and establish a clear action plan to drive PSM performance improvement and mitigate risks. Moreover, it has facilitated engagement with site leadership and key staff to raise the profile and improve implementation of the company's process safety strategy.