Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

Forum connects and supports women in ERM's Transaction Services

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Women in Transaction Services (WiTS) is a forum within ERM for women of all ages, geographies and seniority working in Transaction Services to network across the company. The forum provides a place for open discussion to share experiences and knowledge, and offers mentoring opportunities within the company. Through virtual meetings every six weeks, participants have the opportunity to lead and contribute to discussions on topics of interest regarding professional growth and technical challenges. Currently, WiTS connects 55 women in 21 ERM offices within North and South America, and is growing within the Americas and is attracting interest in other regions.

WiTS enables women to discuss important issues, such as the challenge of achieving family/work balance, the need for senior role models, salary practices and challenging norms in the high pressured transaction services environment. One of the key goals for WiTS is to provide support clusters where participants are given the opportunity to talk about challenges and experiences within ERM in between WiTS broader group discussions. This is proving particularly effective as it offers a friendly and approachable support network for WiTS participants, especially for more junior ERM Consultants.