Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

ERM tool compares impacts of multiple emissions reduction initiatives

San José, Costa Rica

Under a contract to the World Bank, ERM developed a Marginal Abatement Cost Tool (MACTool), which helps countries and cities compare the costs and benefits associated with various emission reduction initiatives. The MACTool facilitates the fast-tracked completion of complex emissions calculations. Analysis and results are presented in a graphical form that is easy to understand. As such, the user can analyze the potential effectiveness of many different initiatives and the results can inform the development of relevant policy and action plans.

ERM is working with the Government of Costa Rica, using the MACTool on the ground to help the national government develop a country-wide mitigation plan for climate change. This work forms part of Costa Rica's efforts to develop an Intended Nationally Determined Mitigation Contribution Plan for the United Nations. This, in turn, will form part of the negotiations at the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris in late 2015.