Air Quality & Climate Change

Value addressing Climate Change and Air Quality challenges

Our clients are under increasing pressure – from regulators, investors and consumers alike – to minimize their contribution to global warming. That’s where our Air Quality and Climate Change (AQ&CC) services comes to the fore.

From project inception through to ongoing operations, our team’s goal is to provide sustainable long-term solutions to addressing the material impact air quality and potential climate change issues can have.

ERM’s Air Quality and Climate Change services bring together more than 500 engineers, scientists, meteorologists and economists from around the world. Join ERM, and you could be part of this community helping clients to address both the technical and non-technical risks in this area.

We help organizations address air quality, energy efficiency and carbon management challenges to enhance shareholder value and competitive advantage. We achieve this by offering a comprehensive service portfolio, which encompasses:

  • Energy and resource mapping and efficiency;
  • Carbon footprinting and emissions trading;
  • Climate risk and adaptation programs;
  • Air impact assessments and monitoring; and
  • Air polution control and compliance programs.

As a practitioner of ERM’s Air Quality and Climate Change services, you will have the opportunity to make a difference to our clients' day-to-day and long-term operations as well as the sustainability of our planet and atmosphere.